A narrative dramatic feature film about the true story of Morris E. Goodman, who narrowly escaped death in a paralyzing plane crash, then used his sheer determination, faith and positive mindset to beat all odds and medical expectations by learning to walk again in just eight months.

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mmpromo-noborder-nowdMorris Goodman was a successful insurance salesman. So successful, he bought himself his own airplane. On March 10, 1981, his during first solo flight in his new craft, the engine stopped, and he crashed the plane, crushing his spine, leaving him unable to walk, talk, swallow, breathe or move any part of his body except for his eyes. His doctors believed he would live a short, meaningless life, if he survived at all.

Morris had different plans…

What Morris had was his mind, and his faith that one day he would walk out on his own two feet, and make a full recovery, no matter what his doctors told him. Using the same step-by-step, goal-oriented approach he took in his career, Morris began to calculate the steps he needed to make toward recovery. He set a goal to be home by Christmas of that same year. He succeeded before Thanksgiving, just eight months after the accident…


Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed or helped spread the word! With your help, we were able to raise $7,850 toward our development costs! There are still ways to support the film – click on the Donate button above, or check out our Get Involved page for more details!


Actress/Author/Healer/Teacher/Life Coach Dee Wallace shares her thoughts about the film during our Winter 2013-2014 Crowdfunding Campaign. Here are excerpts from two episodes of her internet talk show “Bright Light,” recorded December 2 & December 16, 2013.

If you have ever seen Rhonda Byrne’s hit documentary The Secret, or have read her book, or have seen Doug Vermeeren’s The Opus, you’re probably already familiar with Morris Goodman’s amazing story. If you haven’t, you can see a clip of his segment from The Secret here, in which Morris tells his story in his own words:

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