Thank you, and farewell, Zig Ziglar

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar passed away this morning after suffering complications from pneumonia.

Zig was such a positive influence for so many, many people. I, for one, would not be on the pathway that I am on today if it weren’t for what he did for others, and especially for what he did for Morris Goodman.

The Miracle Man is, in many ways, a tribute to Zig, as Morris developed most of his techniques for success by listening to Zig’s tapes and reading his books. The script is peppered with some of Zig’s most influential quotes, which Zig and his estate have given me permission to use.

Simply put, because of Zig’s influence, Morris was able to become the Miracle Man, and later become my influence. And for that I am forever grateful to Zig.

I spoke with Morris today, and he reminded us that we all eventually face the same destination. The key, though, is to be everything we can be, everything we need to be, and really, everything we already are, whether we know it or not, before we reach it.

My thoughts and prayers are with Zig’s family today. I can only imagine what an influence he was for them. His daughter Cindy has been very helpful to this film, and so I hold her in my heart especially.

And so I say goodbye, dear teacher, and thank you for all you have done to help raise the consciousness of mankind. May your words and influence live on forever.

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