Let’s Create Miracles!

Happy 2014, everyone! I’m so excited for this new year! It promises to be full of new energy and new possibilities! And it is also the year I plan to shoot this film!

And YOU can be a part of it, in many ways!

First of all, our crowdfunding campaign to help raise development funds is now running on http://igg.me/at/mmfilm2013! To learn more about it, watch this video:

In exchange for supporting us, there are many, many perks available, including getting a digital copy of the screenplay and Morris E. Goodman’s autobiography, a download or DVD of the film when it’s out, invitations to screenings, a chance to visit the set or even be in the film! Plus many other fun-filled perks! Do check them out, and choose one you’ll love!

Also, if you help refer others, we have special perks that we’re offering each week! Keep checking the page to see what the current special perk is!

We also received a wonderful endorsement from Dee Wallace, who is not only one of the stars of one of the biggest blockbusters ever made (she was the mom in E.T.), but is also a Law of Attraction/spiritual life coach as well! Check out what she has to say here:

Thanks again for your support – and keep inviting others into our community

Brian Jude & The Miracle Man Team
“They ought to do a movie about this, huh?”
– Larry King

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