What An AWESOME Day!

Hey, everyone!

I just had to post a blog today to talk about what an AMAZINGLY successful day we had for the crowdfunding campaign today! We’re now at about 50% of my goal of $10,000. And with a week and a half left, if I have a few more days like today, I’ll surely surpass it! In fact, my goal is to double it!

I Am also very grateful for my son Jacob who is sharing our gratitude via YouTube by sending a rather AWESOME message to anyone who either contributes or inspires someone else to contribute to the film. Check out those messages here:

(What amazing energy he has, huh?)

If you have not made a contribution yet, please do so now! Even if it’s just a small amount – every dollar counts!

If you can’t, I understand, but I would still ask you to please, please, please spread the word by sharing the links and videos via e-mail and/or your preferred social media, but also tell people directly what you feel about this project, and why you chose to contribute to it. And then Jacob will make an AWESOME video for you as well!

Here’s what I like to tell people: Think about what you want to create in your life that you might not already have. What is it, and what’s standing in your way of getting it? Is it a belief that you can’t have it? Are there any obstacles in your way that you don’t know how to overcome?

Morris Goodman is a living example of someone who learned how to achieve all of his dreams, and then lost it all when he crashed his plane, including his very life! (He was clinically dead for about 7 minutes!) He was faced with a life of immobility in a hospital, but made a clear-cut decision to refuse that reality, and took the steps he needed to make a full recovery.

I have realized in the past two months that this project is much, much bigger than me – this is a film that truly has the potential to inspire the world to create their own miracles! If Morris could walk again, then YOU can create whatever it is that YOU want. And my film will show you how.

And so I’m asking for support for the project at this time for all of the benefit that this film might bring to the world. Any contribution will help – no donation is too small, or too large!

Also you should know that we are partnered with From The Heart Productions as a fiscal sponsor, which makes any contribution tax-deductible, and while it’s too late to get your tax write-offs in for 2013, it’s not too soon to start them for 2014!

Brian Jude & The Miracle Man Team

“They ought to do a movie about this, huh?”
– Larry King

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