Last Call! Let’s Make It Happen!

Hey, everyone!

Well, here we are, in the final 24 hours of our crowdfunding campaign!

I’m reminded of the time Morris Goodman was told he was being sent home from Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center before he had conquered his goal of walking… That feeling that it was ending too soon, that he wasn’t ready, that he needed more time…

But guess what? He pushed those feelings aside, and with help from some encouraging words from a friend who helped Morris understand that his very tenacity was enough to inspire those around them to reach for their goals, Morris found the courage to push through the fear and walk!

Perhaps you might have a friend who is in need of some inspiration? Perhaps hearing about Morris Goodman will change their lives in some way? Perhaps they might even be inspired to make a contribution, as you did, in order to help bring this film to the big screen!

Who can you help, which will in turn help you, me and all of us?

I still visualize seeing a 5-digit number in green tomorrow night! And I know we can make that happen! I am so grateful to all of you for contributing to this film, and I hope you’re already enjoying the script and, for some of you, the first two chapters of the book. (And for some of you, the rest of it will come later!) I’m looking so forward to sending you all of the other great perks you’ll be getting! Let’s see how many other people we can get to enjoy these gifts as well!

And if you haven’t contributed, please do so now at!

Finally, many of you saw the final “Special Perk” – a video from my son! Well, there have been SO MANY contributors in the past few days that it was a bit overwhelming for my son to do, so he and his brother and I did one video for all of you! Here it is!


We’ll do a final one Wednesday morning – when we are snowed in with our next blizzard! If you can get someone else to contribute, we’ll include you in that video as well!

Thanks again, everyone! (I’m getting excited now!)

Brian Jude & The Miracle Man Team
“They ought to do a movie about this, huh?”
– Larry King

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