Here’s what had to say about The Miracle Man:

”This is one of the better screenplays I’ve run across lately.”

”The fact that this part of the coverage isn’t running into multiple pages is because I just don’t have many notes to refer to! When a script’s working, I don’t take many notes….”

”Overall, the screenplay does well in all crucial departments and certainly works as a testament to the human spirit. Considering that the protagonist is flat on his back in a hospital bed for huge chunks of the narrative, it’s impressive that the script is able to make this into consistently interesting drama.”

”The concept is inspiring, heartwarming and heartfelt. The presentation is thoroughly professional. The themes evoked are some of the most essential to the human condition. The tone is a touch self-righteous, but manages to remain consistent and consistently engaging throughout.”

”Solid script all around, with a lot going for it. It works as a character study and as a medical themed drama.”

”This is great source material and you’ve done some fine work with it… this script has a better-than-average chance of achieving market viability.”


Here’s what had to say about The Miracle Man:

“This is an interesting and inspirational story. I found it to be very well written and it certainly drew me in to the plot and had me rooting for the protagonist. The fact that it is based on a true story makes it all the more intriguing.”

“You certainly open with an exciting, visceral sequence… This is appropriately brief, well written and sets up the script perfectly.”

“I also like that you show the pain he has to deal with… [One particular scene] was harrowing and unexpected.”

“I felt like you really did some research into the field and made sure to get everything correct. The dialogue sounded natural and had good flow for the most part. Descriptions were detailed and vivid and the reader could always form a clear mental picture of what was happening on the page.”

“It a mature, clever and inspirational work and I enjoyed reading it.”