The Production Process

For those of you not familiar with filmmaking, there are five phases of making a film: Development, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production and Distribution.

We are currently in the Development phase, in which we are approaching Hollywood actors to play the lead roles in the film, as well as financiers to help fund the film. We are currently projecting that our budget will be in the neighborhood of $3 million.

Once we secure our actors and our financing, we will move into Pre-Production, which should take about three months, in which we secure our crew, cast, locations, etc.

Then the fun part – Production! The actual shooting of the film, which will take about six weeks. Since the majority of the film takes place inside of hospitals, we plan to shoot in any location that makes the most sense economically – for example, some states like Louisiana have very attractive tax incentives and tax rebates. Since the film takes place in several areas in Virginia, we will plan to shoot at least a small amount of exteriors around the Chesapeake Bay, Richmond, Charlottesville, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ideally we will plan to shoot these exteriors in the early-to-mid fall in order to capture the change of seasons on film.

Once Production is complete, the Post-Production phase will take about six months. This is the editing of the film, editing and mixing the sound, recording the music, finalizing the cut, color correcting and other processes. After that, the film will be complete.

Distribution is the process of getting the film in front of audiences. Ideally a reputable Hollywood distributor will receive the film, love it, and arrange to put it in theaters across the US, and generate substantial box office revenue. There are also separate foreign distributors who would do that for other countries. Add to that ancillary markets such as cable and network television, web streaming, video on-demand, Blu-Ray & DVD, rental kiosks, airlines… the list goes on. It may take a successful film festival run in order to attract the attention of such distributors.

In the absence of a distribution deal, it is possible that we would distribute the film ourselves, renting theaters, working in conjunction with special interest groups, and distributing the film digitally on the web. If you are involved with a special interest group and would be interested in hosting a screening of the film, we may be able to work with you even if we do have a distribution deal set up. Please feel free to contact us and we will try to work something out.

For details about the process as it happens, stay tuned to our blog (link above), as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages!